Inside the Lab

Our Bioneers

A new workforce is standing up. Bioneers create the rules of the biocircular economy. They are the changemakers of today, creating a beautiful economy for people and our beloved planet via their bioneership. Getting about what our Bioneers are up to? 

Our Team

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We are lucky to have a variety of professionals who want to contribute to our mission by sharing their expertise and knowledge with bioneers. From biochemists to biotechnologists, creatives and business leaders. Want to join us in supporting bioneers? Drop us a message.

Partners & Supporters

To achieve our mission, we rely on the financial, strategic and moral support of our community, as well as visitors that pay for the labtour and the workshops, sponsors, and a group that contribute to BlueCity Lab as Blue Friends of the Lab. This page gives an overview of our network and collaborators.