Projects for a biocircular economy

BlueCity Lab is also a project studio, making biocircular solutions, systemic design and biomaterials together with clients. Our method is to use nature, modern crafts and digital techniques to create solutions that design out waste. We often collaborate with living organisms, like algae, fungi and bacteria, but also know our way with cellulose and other organic matter, and we always collaborate with designers, scientists and entrepreneurs from our network to validate concepts and get longlasting project results. 

Our projects always aim to construct new supply chains and capitalizing on opportunities within the planetary boundaries. Clients like GreenPort West-Holland and Den Ouden Groep work with us to test a production method, find a valuable application for their organic resources or develop a new material or product together. 

Do you want to discuss a project that strenghtens the biocircular economy? Lets have a coffee and talk about how to make it reality.