What we offer


Wet- & Drylab

BlueCity Lab has a unique combination of three wetlabs and a drylab to support bioneers in creating their prototype. We work with shared facilities because we believe the interaction between members helps in creating a bio-circular prototype.


BlueCity Lab is also a project studio, making biocircular solutions, systemic design and biomaterials together with clients. Our method is to use nature, modern crafts and digital techniques to create solutions that design out waste.

Public programming

In addition to our facilities and project, we have a wide range of meetups, events and hackathons. Would you like to learn more about biodesign? or do you want to join a Hackathon? View the BlueCity agenda.

Bioneers Wiki

BlueCity Lab is part of a global network of biolabs and entrepreneurs and we love to share our knowledge as much as possible.